Tamko Shingles Review: Heritage Shingles Reviews

tamko-heirtage-shingles-reviews1Heritage series Tamko Shingles are Laminated Asphalt Shingles that are helpful in not just protecting your roof from winds and harmful rays of sun, but they also add the required aesthetic to your roof. Talk about aesthetics and Tamko Heritage Shingles add a striking dimension and replicate the natural tone of a wood shake. To top it all, the cut of the shingles is uniquely shaped and the edges are well polished to give it a smooth and rustic finish ensuring that you get the very contemporary design for your house.

Tamko Heritage Series shingles are available in four categories: Vintage, Premium, Woodgate and Heritage and all of these categories have an array of colours to choose from. Striking and distinctive colour palette ranging from dramatically bold to contemporary to classic coupled with longest up-front protection and treated with algae resistant component, Heritage Series Shingles have got it all.



They will install the shingles on your roof in a very limited time and also safe manner so that you don’t have to compromise on your time. Have a look at some of the unique features of these shingles:

  • Made with excellent material that is the reason for the longer protection and safety of your roofs. The materials used to make these high quality shingles include double layer fibreglass mat. This is the material that gives these shingles the required strength.
  • They have been coated not on just one side but both the sides by means of weathering-grade asphalt along with mineral granules (ceramic) to provide you the required protection from the wind and highly dangerous storms.
  • Since Heritage series shingles are bonded together with two layers, it makes them stronger. These shingles are heavier, exceptionally durable as well as long-lasting and at the same time provide a better visual effect.
  • Self sealing asphalt strip ensures resistance to high speed wind. This strip ensures that your roof is protected from the wind that goes up-to the speed of 130 MPH.
  • The Vintage and the Woodgate categories have natural deep shadow lines that provides the look and feel of a real wood shake. This is the look most people want for their roof but they are unable to get it because they don’t want to incur the expenses of installing the wooden roofs or the liabilities that come along with them.
  • Whereas, the shadowtone granules and random cut saw-tooth design blend of Heritage and Premium categories add extra depth as well as richness to your roof.
  • Tamko Heritage Shingles are tested thoroughly and are in compliance with UL 790/ASTM E 108, Class A, ASTM D 7158 Class H (150 mph), ASTM D 3161, Type I, Class F (110 mph), UL 2390/ASTM D 6381 Class H (150 mph) etc.


What to consider before installing Heritage Asphalt Shingles

This goes without saying that installing a new roof is viewed upon as some kind of long-term investment and there is no way that you would want to chose the wrong product and then regret later. No doubt, Asphalt shingles are very easy to install and are comparatively cheaper and hence are widely considered as a roofing material. It is a known fact that Asphalt grade shingles have better performance in areas with cooler climates; however, if you try to install the same when the weather is cold, it will damage your shingles. First lay them flat and let them soften by sunlight, at the same time make sure that you have enough attic ventilation as poor ventilation tend to have an adverse side-effect on Asphalt shingles. Also, it is highly recommended that you get in touch with an expert and qualified contractor as they have the right knowledge on how these shingles behave in different climatic conditions.


  • The Tamko Heritage shingles have been known to provide the best protection to your roof. They can withstand wind speeds in which most shingles of other brands fail to provide protection.
  • The company provides pre roofing layering to ensure that the shingles don’t come off easily and remain on your roof for a long time.
  • The tamko shingle series come in various colours and the materials used to manufacture these shingles are extremely top notch.


  • There are various colours available in the series of Tamko Heritage shingles but the availability is confined to specific states in the country like Philisburg, Dallas, Tuscaloosa, Joplin, Frederick and a couple of others.
  • These varieties of the Tamko shingles have given problems in roof protection after 15 years. It was unable to withstand hurricanes like Sandy. Also, the roofing might have a tarnished black layer after 10 years of use.
  • The granules of the Tamko shingles come off and fall apart after some time. This will cost you more in the long run.
  • Apart from the tarnishing of these shingles, you might face a problem when the color starts to come off. This is one of the problems that have been mentioned a number of times in the Tamko Heritage reviews. So, one of the problems that you might as well have to deal with.


As mentioned above, the Tamko shingles are available in a myriad of colours to choose from. All these colours are elegant and provide the look that you want for your home.

  • Rustic slate
  • Olde English Pewter
  • Weathered wood
  • Rustic Black
  • Rustic Cedar
  • Rustic redwood
  • Thunderstorm grey
  • Autumn brown
  • Mountain slate
  • Natural timber
  • Painted desert
  • Harvest Gold
  • Black Walnut
  • Charcoal
  • Fossil Grey
  • Chestnut
  • Slatetone Grey
  • Oxford Grey
  • Rustic Evergreen
  • Virgina Slate
  • Aged Wood
  • Cedar Wood
  • Black Sage
  • Cabin Wood Brown

These colours are classy and have the best effect on every kind of roof. As the colours are confined by region, do find the colours that are available for your region.



Coming to the warranty of the Tamko shingles, they give a warranty of 15 years for protection of your roof from high speed winds. Also, they provide protection against algae and give you an algae proof roof for around 10 years. Moreover, if you have problem in the shingles before the warranty period is up, you will get full assistance from the company representatives who act on their words quickly. They will replace all the shingles in a week ensuring that you are not disturbed from your normal routine when the work goes on. The transferable warranty on these shingles comes for around 5 years. Over all the warranty period of the Tamko shingles is great and even if you encounter any problem, it will be fixed soon.

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Tamko Heritage Shingles Reviews: Tamko Heritage Vintage Roofing Shingles

tamko_heritage_series.1Tamko Heritage Vintage shingles are really exceptional as they can complement the architecture of your house with the inclusion of an outstanding fresh dimension to the roof. This category of Heritage shingle imitates the striking, natural aesthetics or look of wood. However, unlike the real wood, there is no vulnerability to fire.

You do not need to be worried about the cost, because through the Heritage Vintage shingle is very high in quality, it can be obtained at a very low cost. Your house will easily get an unmistakable appearance, which creates a very bold impression. It is not only the beauty of the building, which you can get from Tamko shingles but also the warranty, which may be very helpful for a particular period.


  • Weather-resistant capacity

As the advanced weather barrier is included directly onto your Tamko shingles, you do not need to be very concern about the condition of the shingles even during the harsh weather conditions. Most of the roofing contractors advise these kinds of shingles. Tamko makes use of the stronger adhesives in order to keep their shingles fastened together. In fact, each layer of the shingles is placed under the subsequent higher row, and so, the significant aspect of the fastening system of the shingle is the application of an adhesive band. That’s why, Tamko is conscious of the adhesive strip.

  • Unique design

Tamko Heritage Vintage shingles include a very exceptional design and construction, and for this reason, it is different from all the shingles of the Tamko Heritage series of roofing shingles. You will be able to change the appearance of your house and add some intensity to it.

  • Fire resistance

The materials that are graded Class 1 fire ranking are always desirable. And that is why; Heritage Vintage is made completely fire-resistant, in nature. The materials of the shingles are checked in order to see whether they are able to endure fire, which may come from some external origin.

  • Fiberglass mat

According to Tamko Heritage Vintage reviews, due to the presence of fiberglass mat, these shingles are heat-resistant. In addition to it, they are quite less expected to bend than any organic shingles. It does not matter even if you reside in some hot roof structures. In other words, they can last longer.

timberlinens-charcoal_lgApplication instructions

Apply the Heritage Vintage shingles just up to a ridge or hip from either faces of the roof prior to finishing the connection. To make the finishing easy, alter the some final courses in order that the capping will effectively wrap the top paths of shingles uniformly on all sides of the edge.

To use the capping, twist every shingle of Tamko along the main line so that this will expand an equal aloofness on all faces of the ridge. Besides, chalk lines can help in appropriate arrangement. In cold climate, heat up the shingle till it is flexible prior to bending. There are also some other instructions that you need to follow-

  • Patterns of fastening

Fasteners have to be put six inches from the upper border of the shingle that is placed in a horizontal way,

  • Nails

The manufacturer of the Heritage shingles suggests the utilization of nails in the best method. Standard kind of roofing nails must be applied. Nail shanks must be manufactured with at least twelve gauge wires.

  • Roof deck

Your roof deck should be flat, dry and also free from distorted areas. It is advised that edges of metal drip must be placed at rake and eve of the roof.


Heritage Vintage shingles are available in five colors-

  • Fossil grey
  • Chestnut
  • Red Wood
  • Weathered Wood
  • Charcoal

It is to be noted that some of these colors may not be found in particular areas. Besides, it is recommended by Tamko that you should view the installation of the actual product before the final selection so that you can get the full effect of the color combination and patterns. You dissatisfaction about the chosen color after the shingles are installed is not included under the facility of limited warranty.


  • Created with a two-layered fiberglass material for more strength
  • Have coat on either face with asphalt of weathering-grade
  • Consist of several ceramic mineral particles for the exceptional safety of your roofing project
  • Excellent not only for new structure but also for reroofing
  • 10-year warranty of remaining algae-free


  • Every color of Heritage Vintage is not available in all the zones.
  • Great care needs to be taken at the time of installation of shingles.
  • To some customers, the price seems to be very high
  • Many dealers do not have the stock of this Heritage Vintage shingle


17-1/2″ by 40

tamko heirtageWarranty

Shingles start to become worn slowly as soon as these are exposed to the natural elements. The houses experience all the aging factors in a different way, thus it is hard to calculate how long the roofing shingles may last. For this reason, Tamko offers Limited Warranty. While evaluating the warranties of the shingle, it is not the extent of your limited warranty, which matters most. Rather, it is the duration of full start period. You can get Full Start Period of 20 years- the significant period during which the roofing shingles and also the labor for installing them are included fully.

These Shingles are moreover covered by another warranty- Limited Wind Warranty, which works against harm from storm up to a particular wind velocity. This Warranty is relevant when the shingles were placed strictly according to the application directions.

There is also a warranty against the algae for one hundred twenty months. This also ensures that there will be no stain on the surface of the shingles. After the first twelve months, a Labor Payment Certificate can be obtained, and with the help of it, you can clean the shingles at a very reasonable cost. This is applicable for the last one hundred and eighteen months of the warranty.

Besides knowing all the above information, you should also read Tamko Heritage Vintage reviews provided by numerous customers in order to obtain the best at the right price.


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TAMKO Shingles Review: Tamko Heritage Premium

06-heritage-premium---styleselectTamko Heritage Premium shingles are the most advanced varieties of shingles of all the Tamko products. The extensive options of color help you to create such a look that you actually want. The Classic Heritage color is really preferred by many homeowners, who are eager to have a conventional appearance of their house. Besides, America’s Natural Colors® offer a fashionable flair with remarkable and lively hues.

It is not only the color that has made Heritage Premium most popular but also the durable material that has made the product reliable. With the best up-front protection, Tamko shingles create the most beautiful yet strongest roofing structure for your house. There are special granules that are able to add some depth and richness.

heritage premium 2Features

  • No problem during the strong wind

Being one of the best varieties of Tamko shingles, Heritage Premium is able to resist the stormy wind as Tornado. The asphalt layer and the special technology with which the shingles are produced make the product enable in fighting against the harmful winds. Besides, the Heritage Premium has passed in the particular test that is done to verify the wind resistant capacity of the shingles. Thus, you never need to be concerned about the destruction of the roof during the storm.

  • No presence of algae

Algae are one of the most undesirable factors to the shingle owners. And that is why Heritage Premium tries to give utmost protection to the users by offering the exceptional warranty on the shingles. During the warranty period, you will not need to bother about the growth of algae. In addition to it, you can get rid of the problem of dark stains that are often seen on the roofing shingles. For these qualities, Tamko Heritage Premium Reviews have shown the positive feedback.

  • Make a fire-proof roof

Fire-resistance ability is also another feature that is always desired by the shingle owners. So, Tamko Heritage Premium has a string resistance quality to avoid tremendous fire. Thus, with these shingles, fire is not a problem to your roofing structure.

  • Double layers

The Heritage Premium shingles are comprised of two strata of fiberglass mat. Both the mat layers are covered with the material, asphalt. Then, these are laminated jointly and filled with some mineral grains. In addition to it, you can also locate the random-cut sawtooth model.

Moreover, the self-sealing stripe created with asphalt is also of excellent importance.

  • Wooden look

The main feature of Heritage Premium shingle is that it is able to create the dimensional and rustic look that is often found in any wooden product. But, you do not need to expend a huge amount that is necessary in case of the wood shakes. Besides, unlike wood there is no safety concern in these shingles.

heritage premium 1Application guides

  • Decking– Your shingles intended to be applied to the decks that consist of sheathing boards and plywood, which can receive and retain fasteners. The owners, who have the roofs with pitches of two inches, have to follow Low Slope Application. Shingles have to be applied in a proper way. The company will take no responsibility if there is any leakage or defect for the improper use.

If you make use of the sheathing boards, then you have to ensure that they are rightly seasoned. The normal width of these boards should not be more than six inches.

  • Hip fastening– Use the Heritage Premium shingles with a particular exposure opening at the base of the hip. Secure every shingle with online 1 fastener on either side.
  • Staples– While any staple is applied for the attaching method, you must follow a few instructions. Every staple is to be dealt with pneumatic type of staplers. Besides, the staple should meet the required dimensional limitations. The staples of galvanized wire have to be used. The size of the crown is to be 15/16 inches in width. The staple’s crown has to be placed in parallel way to the piece of the roofing shingles.
  • Nails– The right nails have to be used for proper application. The nail shanks should have the right length. When the thickness of the deck is not thick enough, the nail needs to be long enough.
  • Re-roofing– It is not suggested to place laminated asphalt roofing shingles over the current laminated shingles because of the roughness of the present multi-layered type of shingle.


5-5/8 inches


  • Easiness in installation
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Modern design boost up the look of your building
  • Long warranty period offered by the company


  • Tamko Heritage Premium shingle reviews have proved that there are some difficulties in the availability of the shingles in all the regions.
  • There intensity of color may differ to what the customers see on the website.
  • Heritage Premium shingles’ price seem to be little high to many customers.
  • The Asphalt shingles may be damaged while place at a temperature lower than freezing point.


The Heritage Premium shingles’ colors are of various types and blends. These are

  • Black Walnut
  • Natural Timber
  • Painted Desert
  • Rustic Hickory
  • Old English Pewter
  • Rustic Slate
  • Rustic Cedar
  • Rustic Black
  • Rustic Redwood
  • Rustic Evergreen
  • Thunderstorm Grey
  • Shadow Grey
  • Oxford Grey
  • Slatetone Grey
  • Virginia Slate
  • Glacier White
  • Autumn Brown
  • Painted Desert
  • Forest Green
  • Aged Wood
  • Harvest Gold
  • Weathered Wood
  • Mountain Slate


There is a Limited warranty of fifty years, and this Limited Warranty will be in effect since the date of purchase. This period of fifty years include Full Start warranty (20-year).  It also comprises Limited Transferability (5-year).  The warranty designed for Algae Relief-Algae cleaning covers only 10 years. As the owners are very concerned on damage, there is also a warranty to resist the high speed of wind, which blows at nearly 130 mph.

After and during the term of Full Start warranty, the level of replacement will be at the exclusive discretion of the brand. However, the company will not be liable for the charge of any resources except the alternate shingles.  It has the right to arrange for the Shingles that need to be renovated, changed or cleaned.

Thus, read the reviews of the Heritage Premium shingles and get ready to this excellent product.

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TAMKO Shingles Review: Tamko Heritage Woodgate – One Of The Best Models Of Heritage Series

tamko heritage woodgateTamko Heritage Woodgate is one of the laminated asphalt roofing Shingles that can offer you years of outstanding beauty and superb roofing safety. In addition to it, they are also able to present the longest up-front safety available. This Heritage Woodgate is, in fact, a modish shingle that can give your home a classy wood-shake appearance. The broader cuts of all such shingles give a more natural look. The shingles include a superior shadow line just for strengthening the pastoral shake-like loveliness. The color balance is extremely pastoral looking. Now, your roofing service providers have more means to present all the attributes to the house owners — with the exclusive new designed Heritage® Woodgate™ Shingles.

Moreover, this Heritage Shingle includes double layers made of hard-wearing fiberglass mat to get more strength. Every layer is covered on either side with some weathering-grade asphalt. It is also covered with ceramic materials for exceptional roofing safeguard.


  • Fiberglass mat

The Tamko Heritage Woodgate shingles have fiberglass mat, and so, they last for many years. Due to these fibreglasses, these are best for the snowy areas. Its resilience is developed by good ventilation. For this reason, many architectural constructions in frosty areas like to make use of this kind of roofing on the houses. However, it is also better for the hot season.

  • Algae-resistant warranty

Regardless of how much amount you have invested on the new house and its roof, the ordinary shingles are likely to develop some horrible dark colored streaks within short time. However, Heritage Woodgate shingles are quite extraordinary algae-resistant shingles that can offer Algae Relief-Algae Cleaning Ltd. Warranty for ten years.

  • Wind resistant

The self-sealing band of asphalt makes the Heritage Woodgate shingles more wind resistant. They can resist the strongest winds like hurricanes or tornado. Thus, there is no risk of the penetration of the winds and also precipitation into the roofing material. With these shingles, our contractor will be able to create such a roof that may hold up the high loads of many other products.

  • Nailing facility 

The distinct parts for nailing help in assuring that there will be the best and the right application of the shingles on your roof.

  • Special design in increase the excellent look

Another important characteristic of the shingles is that there is a tab with wider-cut in addition to the totally random-based saw-tooth structure. And these features really add attractiveness and removes zipper models that are very common to all other types of laminated shingles.

  • Meet every customer’s expectation

Shingles, which are conformed to the ASTM D3462 during the manufacturing time, have a confirmed track record for performance, and can meet or go beyond any customer expectation. As the Heritage Woodgate of Tamko is in compliance with this ASTM D3462, such shingles are highly dependable. Though the properties of some shingles may alter as time goes on, as per Tamko Heritage Woodgate reviews, this ASTM D3462 compliant shingle is the best option to select.

03_Woodgate_RotatorApplication instruction

  • Wind Caution

Great velocities of the wind may damage the shingles just after application while the suitable sealing of those shingles is not there. It can be a difficulty when the shingles are used during cooler season or in parts on the roof, which do not get direct rays. Such conditions can obstruct the fastening of adhesive stripes on your shingles. To assure faster sealing, use four quarter-sized bits of SBS Flashing Cement. 

  • Ventilation

Improper aeration of attic areas can lead to the increase of dampness in winter season and the rise of heat during summer. Such conditions may cause some vapor concentration, clipping of shingles because of deck movement, decaying of wood, premature collapse of roof. So, the right ventilation is necessary. 

  • Staples

When staples are utilized in the fastening process you should know some directives for placement. Every staple should be determined with any pneumatic staplers. These staple should meet the minimum dimensional needs. They must be created from the least sixteen gauge galvanized chain. The top of these staple should be fully parallel to the piece of the shingle. 

  • Starter Course

It may be composed of TAMKO Shingle Starter. If self-sealing three-tab Tamko shingles are applied, you can take away the exposed part of tab and put in with the industry grade adhesive close to all eaves.


  • Difficult to locate in many locations that deal with Tamko
  • Some people are still concerned about the durability of the design


  • Unique look due to the wider cut design
  • Sophisticated wood-shake appearance
  • Exceptional color blend balances the spacious look
  • The shadow line creates another beautiful element to the roofing


Heritage Woodgate shingle is available with an exceptional color blend, which complements the extensive look and enables in more impressive distribution of color across the roofing shingle. The main six color choices that are available include-

  • Weathered Wood
  • Rustic Redwood
  • Cabin Wood Brown
  • Antique Wood
  • Cedar Wood
  • Black Sage

Dimensions of the Shingle

36-3/8″ by 12″

Heritage_WoodgateWarranties of the Tamko Shingle

The main warranties of Heritage Woodgate are-

  • Full Start warranty for fifteen years
  • Limited Transferability warranty for five years
  • Limited warranty for fifteen years against all damage from the storm up to nearly 130 mph

The Full Start Period indicates the early phase of the period during which the obligation of Tamko does not get prorated and comprises the practical charge of labor. Besides, there is Labor Payment Certificate, which signifies that the certificate distributed by TAMKO may be used to pay all or some of the reasonable rate of labor for renovation of roof, removing algae from roof, and substitution of any substandard Shingles in accordance with the Limited Warranty. Again, the owner should redeem his certificates within one year to avoid the expiration.

So, these are the major warranties presented by Tamko on Heritage Woodgate shingles. Tamko Heritage Woodgate reviews have revealed the popularity of Tamko shingles for the exclusive features and a number of warranties.

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GAF Timberline Shingles Reviews: Timberline® Cool Series GAF Roofing Shingles

CoolSeries-HDRTimberline® Cool Series GAF Roofing Shingles are the most innovative types of shingles among all the shingles of Timberline series. They are really from the other categories because they can ultimately save the costs as well as the potential energy. The new reflective technology, used in these Cool Series Roofing Shingles has enabled the users to follow green revolution. These highly reflective GAF shingles are able to diminish the temperatures of your attic, thus your house will remain cooler during the summer season, and there is no need to pay high charges on air condition system.

The shingles consist of extremely reflective granules with the help of which the sun’s rays are bounced back and as a result, the absorbed heat is more efficiently released. These are rated with Cool Roof Rating Council and fulfill the primary Energy STAR® levels of performance.

Among the various layers that are found in Cool series GAF shingle, there are Diamond Cut Granules that have light reflective arrangement and perfect dimension as well as depth of the shingles. The second layer contains the UV blockers and for this layer, the sunlight would never damage your shingles, and thus there will be a long life of your roofing structure. The subsequent layer contains color-locking system that assists to make the color of the GAF shingles remain unaffected. There is also Dura Grip Adhesive, which is able to fight against the strong force of the wind. SpecSelect grading System assures the application of the highest quality of asphalt that can resist the effect in harsh condition. Besides, the MicroWeave Core also helps the shingles to have a very strong base, and thus resists from all types of splitting and cracking.


  • Guard against tarnishes

All the Timberline® Cool Series GAF Roofing Shingles are created with an innovative StainGuard® algae protection system in order to guarantee the loveliness of the roof against the unpleasant blue-green colored algae. GAF shingles reviews disclose that shingles will remain as new and fresh looking as they were originally.

  • Tax Credit

In case of the homeowners, it is the highest benefit. They can get back (30 percent of material charges from the administration in the way of tax credit just on colors, which are the Energy Star® certified.

  • Saving of energy

Cool roofs are able to reduce almost 7 to 15 percent of the overall cooling charges that are paid by the residents. However, this percentage may vary as per the geography and climatic condition. In warmer area, the savings on the cooling costs can be greater throughout the year. The cool roof that can be built with the Timberline Cool Series shingles reduces the solar heat of a structure by reflecting the sun beams and by re-emitting the absorbed part. As a result, your cool roof remains cooler than any conventional roof of the same type of construction.

  • Reduces pollution level in the urban regions

Low demand of energy always leads to the less utilization of any fossil fuels, and finally it causes less amount of contamination from all power plants of the cities. It is to be noted that the Timberline Cool Series GAF shingle help to reduce heat island impact wherein the dark and heat-absorbing structures and paved zones make the atmosphere in urban regions smoggy and hotter. Thus, you can remain pollution-free with these GAF roofing shingles. Whether you reside in urban or rural areas, these shingles will protect your health.

  • Wind resistant

You need to know the wind resistance ability of the roofing matters when you survive in regions, which are often distressed by tornadoes or hurricanes. So, Timberline Cool Series Shingles are designed to oppose the wind no matter how strong it is. These shingles have passed in the test of- ASTM D3462, and as per the result of this test, Timberline Cool Series can stay fully unaffected even when the wind gusts at 130 mph.

downloadApplication instructions

  • Underlayment- If underlayment is there beneath the roofing shingles, it can offer a large number of benefits. It is because the wind-driven shower cannot reach up to the interior areas of a building. Besides, the sap in wood decking would also not reach with your roofing shingles. However, it must be remembered that a breather-kind of underlayment is to be used.
  • Fastener- Zinc-coated steel can be used as the suitable fastener.
  • Hand sealing- Install the starter strip roofing shingles with the Dura-Grip sealant of GAF.
  • Release film- Here, plastic film bands are present to keep the shingles away from fusing together.

Exposure amount

5 5/8″


The Cool Series Shingles of Timberline are found in mainly four colors, which are stated here-

  • Cool Weathered Wood
  • White
  • Cool Antique Slate and also
  • Cool Barkwood


  • Save huge amount of cooling costs in the summer season
  • Reflect visible rays and UV light
  • More durable than other type of roofing because of the less possibility for any thermal shock
  • Eligible for rebate amount from some states
  • Provide high fire rating (Class A) like Ultra HD shingles
  • Available in three striking color choices


  • May not be suitable for cold region
  • All Colors may not be found in every regions
  • Asphalt may not be as durable as any slate shingle
  • Need some maintenance


The warranties from GAF on Timberline Cool Series shingles come include Smart Choice® Protection warranty that gives additional coverage against any major manufacturing flaws during the early periods of using the new roof. If, during that period, you face some manufacturing problems on the purchased products, GAF will give you complete replacement substances along with the practical rate of labor in order to set up them. It is significant as some of the roofing warranties provide merely replacement supplies, instead of the labor charge.

The Weather Stopper® System Warranty is also another facility and it is can be obtainable through the factory-certified outworkers of GAF. It is one of the affordable means to have 50 years’ non-prorated coverage on the new roof structure. From GAF shingles reviews, it is known that the customers choose it because of these warranties.

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