Factors to Keep In Mind When Considering Photovoltaic Shingles Price

Thin-film technology has been instrumental in bringing down photovoltaic shingles price to affordable levels. That, along with the money you save on energy bills should be reason enough for installing them. Add to that the fact that you will be doing your bit for the planet and you have a win-win situation.

Photovoltaic panel technology has developed very fast. Initially, in late 1970s it meant installing clumsily huge solar panels. Within a matter of few decades, 2005 to be exact, the first solar roof shingles appeared in the market. These used the same material that was used in traditional solar panels. The difference was only in aesthetics and ease of handling small shingles. The cost factor was not much affected as the photovoltaic shingles price was still pretty much on the higher side.

Photovoltaic Shingles PriceNow, a dramatic reduction in photovoltaic shingles price brought about by thin-film technology, powering homes with this renewable energy source has become extremely affordable. The fact that the government is doing its bit to motivate homeowners to opt for solar energy for powering homes has made photovoltaic shingles price even more affordable. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 allows a tax rebate of $2000 if you choose a renewable energy source to power your home.

At current prices, an average photovoltaic shingles roofing project, materials and installation, costs about $15000 to $20000. This factors in the cost of the inverter and other electrical equipment required for creating an in-grid or grid-connected photovoltaic power system. Applying the government incentives reduces the cost by two thousand dollars. It pays to keep in mind that the power system pays back its initial cost very quickly through the monthly savings on your energy bills. Do not forget that the value of your house also goes up considerably.

Another point that needs mention in the context of photovoltaic shingles price is that installing a renewable energy system projects your concern for the planet we live in. Photovoltaic roofing shingles produce clean energy; there is no dependence on polluting energy sources like coal, gas and nuclear.

Photovoltaic Shingles Price 1Now that you know the photovoltaic shingles price, how much it costs and how quickly it pays back its cost, it is time to learn how they are better than conventional shingles and solar panels. Photovoltaic shingles are made from sturdy material and designed to last much longer and at the same time provide the same protection as asphalt shingles. There is no risk of losing them in storms or high winds – they can withstand wind blowing up to 80 mph. Moreover, they are aesthetically superior to any other renewable energy source including wind turbines.

Installing a renewable energy system in your house is a smart investment. It reduces your energy bills drastically and cuts your carbon footprint to a great extent. The photovoltaic shingles price may appear to be an extra burden at first, but actually a very small price for the safety of our planet, the only place we have to live in.