GAF Shingles Review: Timberline® American Harvest®

intro-Timberline-American-HarvestbTimberline® American Harvest® GAF Roofing Shingles become one of the best categories of shingles because with these shingles, you can get a new architectural look. Such highly praised variety of shingles that can complement the exterior style of your home is available at an affordable cost. The most notable fact is that you can have the best style without compromising the utmost performance of the shingles. Just as the Ultra HD model of shingles, Timberline American Harvest also offers safety against the storms with speed of about 130 mph.

The base layer or the main layer of this roofing shingle consists of the fiberglass mat, which is merged with asphalt, and thus, one can get better weather resistance quality. Moreover, this shingle has also another second layer, which presents a unique architectural pattern as well as more dimensions. In addition to it, the ceramic-covered granules protect this shingle to offer fade resistance facility. If you want to get it in a more affordable price, than it is better to buy multiple numbers of asphalt roofing shingles.


  • Color Palette to offer customization facility

The users can choose the color of Timberline American Harvest shingles, and thus they will be able to match it with the exterior design of the houses. As it allows the subtle blending of various contrasting colors, the dimensionality of the roof will be highly developed.

  • Extra-dimensional

This feature denotes the optimized structure and highly developed color application systems. Due to such traits, you can get extra-dimensional appearance.

  • High ratings in case of fire resistance capacity

Class A-rated shingle is very effective in fighting against the brutal fire exposure. Moreover, this kind of rating is one of the most stringent evaluations accessible for external fire resistance.

  • Higher level of performance

The Timberline® American Harvest® GAF Roofing Shingles are designed by considering Advanced Protection® Technology, and this technology denotes the reduction of the application of any natural resource. Yet, you can get superior level of security for your house. This feature also indicates that while you put in such advanced shingle, you can find the most excellent blend of performance and weight, which can never be delivered by any modern testing. Some people believe that asphalt roofing shingles have very low-tech roofing substance. But, it is not true for Timberline® American Harvest.

  • Passed in most of the wind resistance tests

The Dura Grip™ Adhesive system helps the shingles to remain in place firmly. This quality also enables the Timberline® American Harvest GAF shingles to get success in the effective wind tests of the industry- ASTM D7158 (110 MPH- Class H) and ASTM D3018 Type 1. The compliance of the shingles to CSA A123.5 is applicable only in case of those products that are available in Canada. Thus, with the use of the most superior design and the available techniques of testing, the asphalt shingles of Timberline® American Harvest give you most highly developed roofing system.

  • StainGuard® Protection strategy

This system gives the best guarantee of built-in stain resistance. The shingles are designed in such a way that it will protect the surface from any kind of stains. You can also get the protection against the algae. The streaks of algae not just make your home appear dreadful but they can also make the building look old and grimy and lessen its value.


The shingles that are included in the series of Timberline American Harvest are available in a wide variety of colors, and these are specifically-

  • Adobe Sunset
  • Brandywine Dusk
  • Appalachian Sky
  • Golden Harvest
  • Cedar Falls
  • Saddlewood Ranch
  • Nantucket Morning

So, whatever is the exterior look of your house, you will be able to find the most suitable color.

Instructions to be followed before choosing the GAF shingles

The perfect exterior color combination-

  • The roof that covers larger area is best with shingles, which have neutral tones. While the angle of the roof is normal, you can apply colorful shingles.
  • Besides, the color that you choose for the shingles should belong to the same category of color.
  • If your house has several diverse colors in the bricks, then highly patterned roof should be avoided.

Pick the right style of shingle-

  • Match the architectural style of the house with the pattern of the shingles. For instance, Colonial home with clean lined shingle can fit the design of the building. But, the Victorian home looks better with multicolored or intricate design.


  • Generate an extra-dimensional pattern for the residence
  • Available with seven exceptional colors in order to balance the color schemes of the exterior parts
  • Comes with a Smart Choice Warranty that cover ten years
  • Improves the resale value of a house due to its best functionality
  • Easy to install
  • As the Timberline American Harvest shingle is created with asphalt, you can buy it the lowest possible cost


  • Attic ventilation problems may cause harm to asphalt roofing shingles.
  • Better for the cooler weather condition rather than warm temperature because extreme heat may crack the shingles
  • Regular repairs and protection are needed
  • Asphalt shingles are petroleum based product instead of being eco friendly ones.


Timberline American Harvest shingle of GAF has now become the highest selling product in North America. These kinds of shingles are now the part of the Lifetime Roofing System of the company. It indicates that these shingles are designed to guarantee lifetime utilization while installed in a proper way along with all other roofing products of GAF. Those, who set up a Lifetime shingle along with three other GAF accessories, can get the lifetime limited treatment on the whole roof, not merely the roofing shingles.

Lifetime coverage comprises non-prorated coverage. However, GAF presents two more warranties for Timberline American Harvest. One is- System Plus limited warranty, while the other one is- Golden Pledge Ltd. warranty, and these can be availed only with the GAF certified workers. Timberline American Harvest shingle is also backed up with Good Housekeeping Seal.

So, read the GAF shingles reviews before you purchase any type of shingle of this brand. By going through the GAF shingles reviews and ratings, you will be able be able to know more about shingles of this sort and decide on the best one for yourself.

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