GAF Timberline Shingles Reviews: Timberline® ArmorShieldTM II GAF Roofing Shingles

Armorsheild-introBTimberline® ArmorShieldTM II GAF Roofing Shingles are the exceptional varieties of shingles among all the available GAF shingles as they are made of the toughest materials. If you are searching for a very high-quality roofing shingle, which is competent to endure large hail and strong winds, or if you reside in any wooded region, then this product can be a good option for you. Most of the professionals also like to install this super quality and extremely impact-resistant shingles for the roofing project of the customers.

These varieties of GAF shingle can also be regarded as the Starter Strip Shingle because they are able to present an upgrade that may save your time, remove waste, and decrease the danger of blow-off by firmly the fastening all of the shingles in accurate sites along the eaves and the rakes. Though ArmorShield™ II has some features similar to the other popular Timberline shingles, it has some exceptional features, and that is why most of the customers like to have ArmorShield™ II. Besides, ArmorShield II shingles are crafted from various layers of covered fiberglass, which have been combined together and topped with hard-wearing ceramic granules.



  • Possibility of the insurance savings

The users can get insurance discount of about 30 percent or more. Each of the shingles is tagged with special info that is accepted by most of the hail insurers.

  • The Impact Test- UL 2218 Class 4

In this test, a two-inch steel-made ball is dropped from twenty feet onto the roofing shingle to know whether the cracks appear in the shingle. This steel ball strikes the shingle at the rate of 90m per hour, and this is more powerful force than the hail, which often smacks a roof. An ordinary shingle has some ruptures or breaks on the surface just after impact; however, Class 4-rated roofing shingles reveal no proof of cracks or splits on front or rear part. Timberline® ArmorShield TM II GAF Shingle is such shingle that has passed in the tough impact-resistant test.

  • Superior Performance against the wind

After a test done in Underwriters Laboratories, Timberline® ArmorShield TM II has received the highest possible rating- (ASTM D7158 Class H) as wind-resistant shingles. The major feature that helps to get success in the test is DuraGrip adhesive, which is able to seal all of the shingles compactly. Thus, there is no chance of the shingles of being blown off.

  • Exceptional defense

Another interest feature of ArmorShield TM II is that it comprises FLX™ formula that offers flexibility just as rubber. In addition to it, there is ArmorStrip™, which is patent-pending, puncture-proof elatomeric strip to make the shingle impact resistance to the maximum extent. This characteristic makes ArmorShield TM II different from all the shingles of Timber series. The strong stain-resistant quality makes the GAF shingle much accepted.

  • Stain resistant

ArmorShield TM II roofing shingle is designed with the help of the best algae-resistant or stain-resistant system. Thus, the users will feel self-assured that their attractive valuable roof will constantly fights against all the algae marks and remains beautiful all through the year.

  • Structure with the fiberglass asphalt

Roof shingles that are made of fiberglass asphalt are able to expand and shrink with the temperature level. But, it never gets cracked. As per GAF shingles reviews, the ArmorShield TM II shingles are designed in such manner, so there is no chance of being broken, no matter how harsh the weather or the temperature is.

  • Fire resistance

The highest fire-proof rating in case of shingle roofing is Class A that is achieved by the GFA shingle. This rating shows that this type of roofing is able to hold out harsh fire exposure that originates from some sources, which are outside the house. Thus, ArmorShield TM II is not like the wooden material that has Class C rating of fire.

timberlinens-charcoal_lgApplication Instructions 

  • Roof Decks– At this point, it must be remembered that the decks, which are made of timber should be highly seasoned. Besides, these should be supported and manufactured tightly with a lumber of particular width. The enough nail-holding ability and an even surface also need to be there. You are recommended not to tie up the shingles to your insulated deck if it is not suggested by GAF-Elk. The present surfacing matter and the roofing decks must remain dry before the shingles are applied there.
  • Underlayment– This should be present beneath the GAF shingles because it can help to check the wind-driven rainfall. As a result, the asphalt shingles would remain intact with no effect. Besides, this underlayment may be needed also by several code bodies. It is necessary to retain UL Class A rating.
  • Applications on steep slope– The roof where the slope is greater than twenty-one inches per foot, the roofing shingle has to be hand sealed. Never use on the upright side walls.
  • Rust-resistant metal drip borders– Suggested along rake and eave rims on all kinds of decks, particularly the plywood decks.
  • Exposed metal– The exposed surfaces of metal have to be coated with similar GAF-Elk roofing accessory paint.
  • Hand Sealing– Your GAF shingle possesses a unique thermal sealant, which tightly fastens the shingles collectively after its application while these are exposed to very warm temperatures.

 Level of exposure



  • Helps to guard the attractiveness of the roof from nasty blue-green algae
  • No risk of any blow-off during the storm
  • Make use of the ridge cap shingles
  • No possibility of crack at any time


  • If possible, the installations during the extremely cold weather are to be avoided.
  • Although high maintenance may not be needed, it is better to have right maintenance routines
  • The colors may not be accessible in all the areas
  • If any problem is seen in attic ventilation, it can decrease your shingles’ life.


  • Weathered wood
  • Slate
  • Charcoal
  • Barkwood


Timberline® ArmorShieldTM II GAF Roofing Shingles not only offer the Lifetime Ltd. Warranty but also the Golden Pledge® as well as System Plus Ltd. The Lifetime signifies the span of coverage presented by your GAF roofing Shingle. Lifetime Ltd. Warranty that is intended for accessories needs the utilization of three relevant GAF accessories at any rate and the application of the Lifetime Shingles.

So, go through the full GAF shingles reviews to get a perfect idea about these shingles.

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