GAF Timberline Shingles Reviews: Timberline® Cool Series GAF Roofing Shingles

CoolSeries-HDRTimberline® Cool Series GAF Roofing Shingles are the most innovative types of shingles among all the shingles of Timberline series. They are really from the other categories because they can ultimately save the costs as well as the potential energy. The new reflective technology, used in these Cool Series Roofing Shingles has enabled the users to follow green revolution. These highly reflective GAF shingles are able to diminish the temperatures of your attic, thus your house will remain cooler during the summer season, and there is no need to pay high charges on air condition system.

The shingles consist of extremely reflective granules with the help of which the sun’s rays are bounced back and as a result, the absorbed heat is more efficiently released. These are rated with Cool Roof Rating Council and fulfill the primary Energy STAR® levels of performance.

Among the various layers that are found in Cool series GAF shingle, there are Diamond Cut Granules that have light reflective arrangement and perfect dimension as well as depth of the shingles. The second layer contains the UV blockers and for this layer, the sunlight would never damage your shingles, and thus there will be a long life of your roofing structure. The subsequent layer contains color-locking system that assists to make the color of the GAF shingles remain unaffected. There is also Dura Grip Adhesive, which is able to fight against the strong force of the wind. SpecSelect grading System assures the application of the highest quality of asphalt that can resist the effect in harsh condition. Besides, the MicroWeave Core also helps the shingles to have a very strong base, and thus resists from all types of splitting and cracking.


  • Guard against tarnishes

All the Timberline® Cool Series GAF Roofing Shingles are created with an innovative StainGuard® algae protection system in order to guarantee the loveliness of the roof against the unpleasant blue-green colored algae. GAF shingles reviews disclose that shingles will remain as new and fresh looking as they were originally.

  • Tax Credit

In case of the homeowners, it is the highest benefit. They can get back (30 percent of material charges from the administration in the way of tax credit just on colors, which are the Energy Star® certified.

  • Saving of energy

Cool roofs are able to reduce almost 7 to 15 percent of the overall cooling charges that are paid by the residents. However, this percentage may vary as per the geography and climatic condition. In warmer area, the savings on the cooling costs can be greater throughout the year. The cool roof that can be built with the Timberline Cool Series shingles reduces the solar heat of a structure by reflecting the sun beams and by re-emitting the absorbed part. As a result, your cool roof remains cooler than any conventional roof of the same type of construction.

  • Reduces pollution level in the urban regions

Low demand of energy always leads to the less utilization of any fossil fuels, and finally it causes less amount of contamination from all power plants of the cities. It is to be noted that the Timberline Cool Series GAF shingle help to reduce heat island impact wherein the dark and heat-absorbing structures and paved zones make the atmosphere in urban regions smoggy and hotter. Thus, you can remain pollution-free with these GAF roofing shingles. Whether you reside in urban or rural areas, these shingles will protect your health.

  • Wind resistant

You need to know the wind resistance ability of the roofing matters when you survive in regions, which are often distressed by tornadoes or hurricanes. So, Timberline Cool Series Shingles are designed to oppose the wind no matter how strong it is. These shingles have passed in the test of- ASTM D3462, and as per the result of this test, Timberline Cool Series can stay fully unaffected even when the wind gusts at 130 mph.

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  • Underlayment- If underlayment is there beneath the roofing shingles, it can offer a large number of benefits. It is because the wind-driven shower cannot reach up to the interior areas of a building. Besides, the sap in wood decking would also not reach with your roofing shingles. However, it must be remembered that a breather-kind of underlayment is to be used.
  • Fastener- Zinc-coated steel can be used as the suitable fastener.
  • Hand sealing- Install the starter strip roofing shingles with the Dura-Grip sealant of GAF.
  • Release film- Here, plastic film bands are present to keep the shingles away from fusing together.

Exposure amount

5 5/8″


The Cool Series Shingles of Timberline are found in mainly four colors, which are stated here-

  • Cool Weathered Wood
  • White
  • Cool Antique Slate and also
  • Cool Barkwood


  • Save huge amount of cooling costs in the summer season
  • Reflect visible rays and UV light
  • More durable than other type of roofing because of the less possibility for any thermal shock
  • Eligible for rebate amount from some states
  • Provide high fire rating (Class A) like Ultra HD shingles
  • Available in three striking color choices


  • May not be suitable for cold region
  • All Colors may not be found in every regions
  • Asphalt may not be as durable as any slate shingle
  • Need some maintenance


The warranties from GAF on Timberline Cool Series shingles come include Smart Choice® Protection warranty that gives additional coverage against any major manufacturing flaws during the early periods of using the new roof. If, during that period, you face some manufacturing problems on the purchased products, GAF will give you complete replacement substances along with the practical rate of labor in order to set up them. It is significant as some of the roofing warranties provide merely replacement supplies, instead of the labor charge.

The Weather Stopper® System Warranty is also another facility and it is can be obtainable through the factory-certified outworkers of GAF. It is one of the affordable means to have 50 years’ non-prorated coverage on the new roof structure. From GAF shingles reviews, it is known that the customers choose it because of these warranties.

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