GAF Timberline Shingles Reviews: Timberline HD® GAF Roofing Shingles

intro-Timberline-HDcTimberline HD® GAF Roofing Shingles
are presently one of the major preferences to the customers, who like to fit a new system of roofing that looks extraordinary. At the same time, it also offers first-rate roofing performance, which may be appreciated by individual for several decades, as per GAF shingles reviews. This form of roofing consists of the exceptional roofing compositions, which are competent to bear the test of time, and thus, they have a striking level of power and consistent durability. Besides providing a stunning protection level, it also offers its customers the excellent designs, and therefore, these shingles will suit any choice of the users.

Timberline HD category of shingles are wonderfully created, with an unbelievable level of detail that is put into all parts of the composition. Each of its coatings or layers is built up with an individual or distinctive purpose, in order to create an ultimate roofing system, which is able to withstand all types of diverse aspects and probable complications. The layer that comprises Diamond Cut™ Granules present a multi-faceted as well as light-reflective system adds an element and intensity to the shingle. Besides, the UV Blocker, found in another layer, gives a safety against the detrimental sun-rays that develops the resilience and also improves the life span of your shingle. Your GAF shingles that belong to Timberline HD will also look great for several years. Color Lock™ involves a process that keeps up the genuine color for longer time.


Gives the right value-

As the Timberline HD roofing shingles are architecturally fashionable, it will surely fulfill your desire. No matter what money you have invested for your shingles, you will surely get its full worth as the brand demand only the reasonable price for the product.

Dimensional Look-

It is such a feature, which signifies the High Definition blending of color, offered by the brand GAF. Being dimensional, the GAF shingles look more beautiful and you can make use of several colors and choices to give your roof an exceptional look.

No threat of fire

Class A rated roofing shingles are extremely effective against brutal exposures to any kind of fire test. And, under this type of fire exposure, the shingles of Class A afford a very high extent of fire safety to roof deck. As the Timberline HD shingles have achieved such level of rating.

Highly Advanced Protection

There are some individuals, who wrongly think that the asphalt-based roofing shingles consist of only low-tech matter. However, in case of Timberline HD series of shingle, the process of designing shingles has transformed into science because it has made use of the special technology, that is, Advanced Protection®.

Fight against algae

The roofs that are continuously struggling against hot and humid conditions can have the problem of algae and moss. Algae sometimes appear on the side that is facing towards the east. And for this reason, Timberline HD shingles have been designed in such a manner that they would prevent the appearance of algae. If you buy these shingles, you will see that they look as the usual shingles. To any naked eye, they seem to be almost same; however, they are created in a slightly different way.

Prevent the strongest winds

If you want to protect your roof against the severe storm of your area, then the Timberline HD model with Dura Grip Adhesive system can give you that safety. You know that hail may cause the loss of granule and penetration while strong breezes can leave your roof considerably useless. So, to avoid all these adverse things, the Timberline product is made in an advanced technique.

Fiberglass- easy to handle

As these are fiberglass-based roofing shingles, you can see that the products are light in weight. Thus, they are quite simpler to utilize than any heavy structure. They are perfect for cool climate, and can also be repaired in due course, with no need to substitute the total area of the roof.

Besides all these features, these ICC Approved shingles have pass in lots of tests like ASTM D3018 as well as ASTM D3161 and UL 790.

Application instructions

  • Through Ventilation System

For best possible life of your shingle and also to stop the growth of mold, all roof systems should have ventilation to avoid the presence of humid air behind the sheathing of roof. So, the ventilation should be made to meet the local code.

  • Fasteners to be used

You may make use of any zinc-coated steel, smooth or warped roofing nails, which consist of heads of about 3/8″ in diameter. Such fasteners must be sufficiently long for penetrating about 3/4″ of wood.

  • Underlayment

Place a leak barrier system in the areas, where some leaks can be occurred because of the water that is backing behind the debris dams.


5 5/8″


  • Less expected to warp because of heavier construction
  • Better at concealing the structural flaws in your roof
  • Readily accessible due to attractiveness
  • Works on major pitches and kinds of roof; thus these may be used almost in any place
  • Usually recognized as the most aesthetically pleasing ones


  • If there is cheaper quality of asphalt, then the shingles may be prone to the wind uplift
  • The matter of attic ventilation can lead to harm to your asphalt shingle- Timberline HD
  • Asphalt shingles cannot be recycled and thus may not be friendly to environment
  • They may be damaged while they are fitted at an improper freezing temperatures


Timberline HD shingles are available at a variety of colors; however, before choosing any of the following colors, you may discuss with your contractors-

  • Barkwood
  • Fox Hollow Gray
  • Pewter Gray
  • Weathered Wood
  • Birchwood
  • Charcoal
  • Hickory
  • Timberline HD Shakewood
  • Williamsburg Slate
  • Mission Brown
  • Slate

You should remember the fact that the Timberline HD Shingles are available in Oakland, Wayne and Macomb and some other adjacent regions.


GAF has extended the coverage of its lifetime warranty for comprising all of the elements of any roofing arrangement. If you want to be qualified for this lifetime warranty, then you must pay for Timberline HD® GAF Roofing Shingles and also more relevant accessories from the same company. You can have such warranty when you reside in Canada or the USA. The limited warranty allows the transfer for one time. The second holder must report GAF within two months.

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