GAF Timberline Shingles Reviews: Timberline® Natural Shadow® GAF Roofing Shingles

GAF_Timberline_Nat_Shadow_SlateTimberline® Natural Shadow® GAF Roofing Shingles are such kind of roofing shingles that offer a classic effect of Natural Shadow™. The users can find subtle tones along with the wooden appearance across the area of a roof. Timberline Natural Shadow is one of the first selling shingles in North America, and most of the professional installers prefer this shingle for its consistent performance. If you plan to enhance the resale price of your house, then Timberline® Natural Shadow may be the most suitable options. This multiple layered shingles offer protection from all the elements of weather and make it stronger.


  • Wooden look

The magnificent architectural design of the Timberline Natural Shadow mimics the appearance of genuine timber. Moreover, the even-toned look really makes them appear more authentic. In addition to it, the standard shadow effect offers a home not only the consistent look but also the warmth of timber.

  • Fire resistant-

The UL 790, which is a commonly quoted standard, checks resistance of the roofing materials to fire from any external point.  Timberline Natural Shadow shingle has passed in the test of UL 790, and has gained the rating- Class A. It must be observed that this fire rating can be not achieved not merely by the physical features of any roofing objects, but also by using the substance in the way suggested by manufacturer. Thus, from all aspects Timberline Natural Shadow shingle is fire resistant.

  • Advanced protection

This feature signifies that Timberline Natural Shadow is fully dedicated to safety of all your precious assets. If you are making a plan to install the Advanced Protection® Timberline Natural Shadow Shingle created by GAF, then you will be certain that you can have the blend of performance as well as weight, and these are offered by the latest manufacturing technology. Toughness, flexibility, granule adhesion and everything are achievable such technology.

  • Resist the winds

As the storm like tornadoes and hurricanes are the major cause of huge property damage, Timberline Natural Shadow product gives a high protection against the terrible storms. The wind resistance verification that is done to test the shingles considers this particular Timberline as the best option to fight wind. Besides, the Dura Grip™ Adhesive fastens every piece of shingle strongly and lessens the risk of the blow-off of the shingles. These GAF shingles are able to bear up the storm that blows at 130 mph.

  • Right finishing touch

Make use of Timbertex ®Premium Ridge Cap Shingles to get ideal finishing touch for your roof. These Ridge Cap Shingles are intended to balance the color of the Timberline shingles. However, you should remember that there are some contractors, who may reduce costs by applying some tabs from a twenty-year 3-tab roofing shingle as the ridge cap. In order to make certain about the closest stability of color for the roof, you can ask the contractor to make use of the real Timbertex® Ridge Cap Shingles.

natural-shadowThe GAF shingles reviews reveal that these shingles are also Energy Star® qualified, and have achieved success in some tests as ASTM D3161 (result- Class F) and ASTM D7158 (Ratings- Class H). As these shingles have proved its capacity through these tests, the users can rely on them fully.

Application instructions

  • Roof Decks- The timber decks should be seasoned well and constructed tightly with a lumber that has maximum width of 6″. The Plywood decking is suitable. Never tie shingles straight to insulation.
  • Underlayment- Beneath your shingles, underlayment has lots of benefits, like stopping the wind-driven rainwater and the sap in wooden decking.
  • Fasteners- As fastener, you can utilize aluminum or also the zinc-coated steel. However, the fasteners have to be enough lengthy to penetrate a particular depth of the wooden decks or plywood decks. Over-driving may spoil your shingle and the raised fasteners can hamper the fastening of shingles.

Exposure level

5 5/8″


  • Available in a wide range of styles, qualities and colors and each style and color of a residence depends on your aesthetic needs
  • Shingles can confront all types of weather conditions
  • They need minimal maintenance and they are simple to replace if you require a repair work
  • As Timberline Natural Shadow shingle made of asphalt, it is comparatively cheaper to create, and it is an affordable alternative to any wooden material


  • Requires a suitable ventilation in the attic
  • Sometimes, may not improve the worth of a home considerably – particularly on any higher quality house
  • Every color of Timberline Natural Shadow shingle is not available in all the areas of the country
  • The asphalt-based shingle cannot be recycled


Timberline Natural Shadow series of roofing shingles can be found in nine types of wonderful colors.

  • Arctic white
  • Hickory
  • Barkwood
  • Charcoal
  • Shakewood
  • Slate
  • Hunter green
  • Pewter gray
  • Weathered wood

Among these, Arctic wood is available just in Shafter; Barkwood may be found in all the regions except in the areas of Tampa; Hunger green in Michigan City and Minneapolis and Pewter Gray is accessible only in Michigan City and Baltimore.


All the Timberline® Natural Shadow® GAF Roofing Shingles are available with transferable Lifetime Ltd. Warranty of GAF. Besides, there is a support of Good Housekeeping Seal. The lifetime limited warranty along with Smart Choice warranty that is valid for 10-year offers additional protection to your shingles. With the Smart Choice warranty, GAF will give you complete replacement materials as well as the affordable charge of labor for installing them. It is significant as some of the roofing warranties only offer replacement matter, and not any labor for installing them.

Besides, the Weather Stopper® System Plus Limited Warranty also offers coverage in opposition to the manufacturing faults for GAF shingles, that is, Timberline Natural Shadow.

Thus, keep in mind that the GAF shingles reviews in order that you can be quite well aware of all of the specifications of the shingles.

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