GAF Timberline Shingles Reviews: Timberline Ultra HD® Roofing Shingles

intro-Timberline-ULTRA2The magnificent Timberline Ultra HD® GAF Roofing Shingles are found to be very thicker and larger pieces among all the varieties offered by GAF. These are available in extremely contrasted color combinations that lead to a wonderful dimensional look. The fact that is more important to the users is that there are several layers in these shingles, and each of the layers provides a kind of protection to make the product more durable.

The Diamond cut granules that are found in one layer offers multi-faceted pattern as well as light-reflective structure, which add a great strength and dimension to the roofing shingles. Besides, the layer that act as the Ultra Violet blocker will also offer a defense against the damaging sunbeams that develops the resilience and increases the life of any shingle. The heavyweight structure offers ultimate sturdiness whereas the custom-built, Micro Weave part provides outstanding protection. Its FiberTech® Components include fibers, which are really non-combustible, offering the best fire rating- UL Class A.


Ultra-Dimensional appearance

Dimensional shingles, which are also called as the architectural shingles, and if you go by GAF Shingles Reviews, have truly been popular because they are more stylish and striking options in the market. The Ultra HD® shingles of Timberline series are almost fifty-three thicker. These shingles of GAF have the blend of High Definition color along with the better shadow effect. Such feature will offer ultra-dimensional appearance on the roof.

  • High Performance

All the shingles are created with an acceptable Advanced Protection Technology. They are able to lessen the application of any natural resources, and thus provide superior defense for your house.

  • Safety against the stains

Algae are often found to grow on the surface of the shingles. Generally, the algae grow on that part, which receives comparatively less amount of sun rays. Algae can grow well in extreme conditions. The Timberline Ultra HD shingles of GAF are resistant to algae as they are created with specially formulated substances that prevent those dangers. So, your roof will look new for several years due to the StainGurad Protection system.

  • Wind resistant

Regardless of where you reside, high or fairly strong winds can be a risk to your house. All the buildings are in danger, particularly those in the regions, prone to hurricanes or tornadoes. For this reason, it is significant to defend your house with the special wind-resistant roofing shingle, which is designed with Dura Grip™ Adhesive seals.

  • UV blocking system

The injurious UV rays that come from the sun may lead to an incredible level of harm to your roofing materials. Shingle manufacturers try to defend their materials from Ultra Violet degradation by covering their shingles with special granules. And Timberline Ultra HD® GAF Roofing Shingles is also no exception to this feature.

gafelk_TPGRcc001Application instructions

Underlayment– (In case of leak barrier)- Place GAF leak blockade at the attic in the areas, where the leaks can occur by water.

Underlayment– (protection of roof deck)- Underlayment placed under the shingles can have several benefits, for example, it can help to avoid the wind-driven rain that may reach the interior part of your building. While the underlayment is placed, make use of a breather-category underlayment, like GAF Shingle-Mate.

Fasteners– You should apply the zinc-coated aluminum or steel, ten to twelve gauge smooth or deformed roofing nails. The fastener must be enough long so that it can penetrate the minimum length into the wooden decks.

Hand sealing– The shingles include an extraordinary thermal sealant, which strongly links the shingles jointly after the application while they are exposed to hot temperature. When the shingles get scratched by the string winds, then the shingles can never seal.

Applications in steep slope– In case of the roof slopes that are greater than 1750mm/m, GAF shingles should be properly hand sealed.

Release film– The strips of plastic films are there in each side of the shingles. These film strips are intended to keep your shingles away from merging together while they are in bundle.

Some more specifications of the shingles include- ASTM D3462, ASTM D3018 Type 1, D7158, Class H and D3161 Category 1, Class F.


  • Depth – 13.25 (in)
  • Height- 2 (in)
  • Width- 39.5 (in)


  • Extensive palette of color across several lines of the shingle is one of the main pros. The brand, GAF of gained a reputation due to the complete package of roof system.
  • Improved appeal and better exterior aesthetics: The Timberline Ultra HD series of GAF leads to a superior dimensional look for a textured and shaded high-end appearance. In addition to it, the high durability and strength give the maximum advantage to the homeowners.
  • The utmost A-fire rating is also another facility that is necessary for those, who want fire protection
  • The greater insulation can decrease expenditure on heating during the winter season and cooling charged during summer.
  • Timberline Ultra HD roofing resources carry the most excellent warranties in the relevant industry.


  • The consumers, who are quite less educated, may turn out to be confused on the various kinds of Timberline shingles.
  • Though there is a Lifetime warranty if it is not fitted by any GAF Master Elite outworker, this warranty is, in fact, pro-rated just after ten years and merely for material.
  • In some cases, the dealers do not have the store of Timberline Ultra HD®.
  • These are found only in some states.


The roofing shingles of GAF are available in a variety of colors, and you can choose one that suits you’re the look of your roof. These exclusive colors include-

  • Barkwood
  • Charcoal
  • Pewter Gray
  • Shakewood
  • Slate
  • Weathered wood
  • White
  • Birchwood
  • Biscayne Blue
  • Fox Hollow Gray
  • Hickory
  • Sienna Sunset
  • Patriot Red
  • Hunter Green

Warranties by the GAF for the shingles

GAF Shingles offer Lifetime transferable warranty and it indicates the extent of coverage that is offered by the company. However, there are some criteria that should be met by the users. The structures or the owner, who are not fulfilling those qualities, cannot get the Lifetime coverage.  You can obtain the warranty only when you reside in the USA or in Canada. You should also be the true property holder (that is, not any builder.

Moreover, Golden Pledge Limited Warranty includes all products of GAF that are installed on the roof. The only exception is the low slope roof. The warranty does not include the non-GAF roofing items, like roofing nails.

Besides, System Plus warranty includes 100 percent of material issues for a period of 50 years and it covers the complete roofing structure. In case of workmanship, you can have two-year coverage phase that is usually presented by the certified.

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