IKO Canada

After knowing so many things about IKO, we have come to know that IKO has expanded its branches all over the world. IKO believes, not to be prosperous around a country or so. But the business and the products made by IKO are being exported all over the world. That is the reason, people from all country even all across the globe know about IKO. This is a great brand and a well known name of housing and construction industry. Established in 1951, IKO has first started in Canada only. Thus IKO Canada is main stream for the company.

Products of IKO Canada:

As IKO is a famous brand and IKO Canada is a great manufacturer of North America, for building materials and the best creators of asphalt roofing shingles as well. Basically, IKO Canada is engaged in production of three styles of asphalt shingles. One is Architectural Laminated Style, Designer Style and third one is Traditional Style.  As the company has engaged in these types of shingles, now it has become all efficient in their work area and using various brand new techniques to make these shingles. IKO Canada, though are using for making shingles new technologies but still does not give up traditional method of making shingles as well. But yes, it also adds up more and more to their material.

Expansion OF IKO Canada:

Undoubtedly, IKO is a big name in housing industry. And the business is expanded all over the world, so to smoothen the business across globe, it won’t be possible without making sub-branches or establishing more branches of IKO. So till now, IKO has many branches as well. IKO Canada is divided into two parts, in order to fulfill all the company vision and mission. One is Eastern Canada and other one is Western Canada.

In the Eastern Canada, IKO can be found in Brampton, Hawkesbury, Madoc, Toronto, and in western Canada, it can be seen in Calgary AB.  So, I must say IKO Canada is highly outspread class of IKO for sure. Moreover, company’s main office is also consisted to Canada only. Thus we understand IKO Canada is backbone of the company.


IKO Canada and Its Products:

IKO Canada has involved in high quality and various products. Though the shingles produces by them are world famous and reliable as well. From time IKO Canada has kept producing material for making houses or other commercial buildings. The brand name         shows itself about a legendry craftsmanship which is going back about 100 years. The construction material including shingles, ceilings, structural and acoustical panels are becoming the choice of people, desiring a durable, strong and long run home or building.  The products quality can be measured by the raw material used to make it. As all the raw material they used to build their shingles or other products, are also manufactured in their own company.

Moreover, one can trust IKO Canada produced products as company provides full guarantee to the buyers and that too around 30 years, in between if you face any kind of problem or if any damage happens, you can directly contact IKO or the agent and conveniently, they will look into your matter for sure.

IKO Canada Limited Warranty Contact

Contact the Customer Service Representative in your region regarding limited warranty concerns and dealer information.

Phone: 1-800-361-5836