IKO Shingles Problems

IKO Shingles Problems

IKO shingles has a good reputation in the roofing industry. IKO has been able to give good dream homes to a lot of people. But it is not necessary that it helps in getting rid of all the problems. Many people are unsatisfied and have faced a lot of problems with IKO shingles. The viability of the IKO shingles must be assessed very properly before using them and suffering later. Assessment is very essential.

ikoshinglesproblem1Disappointment has been expressed by numerous numbers of customers. They are not satisfied with the quality of IKO shingles. They feel as if they are cheated. IKO shingles are very costly as compared to shingles of another company. Even after paying a high price, the desired results cannot be seen and hence dissatisfaction is expressed by many people. Many a times IKO shingles do not live up to their promised life and quality. Incidents have been reported by people where shingles curl up in extreme but heat which is permissible. The purpose to have a safe roof is definitely defeated. The thinning of shingles is another amongst the IKO shingles problems. This happens basically due to ups and downs in climate. There has been degradation of many IKO shingles and barely last for 10 years in spite of their warranty of 25 years.

Shingles literally fall off sometimes and this has been a common complaint of the people. The granules start falling of the shingles just after a few years of installations. This is surely shocking. One can feel the granules very easily while walking barefoot.

It is reported by the customers the IKO shingles crack easily and are brittle. They develop a deep crack after some years of use due to which the situation becomes frightening. This is the largest of all IKO shingles problem. Many users have observed these problems. The cracks are so deeply developed that there is water leakage from them. No one ever wants water to fall over the head during sleep.

People in humid areas have also experienced a lot of problems with water containment with these shingles. The roof of some areas collapses due to a high precipitation. Many people have also noticed discoloration in lot of IKO shingles.

Post usage IKO shingles problems

Many roofing contractors refuse to work with IKO shingles due to multiple problems. It is difficult to glue them to your roof and the glue comes out easily by tearing the shingles. People should be aware of these problems. Many avoid IKO due to IKO shingles problems. The lasting of the IKO shingles is not as much as their warranty. Due to the climatic conditions, their color gets faded as well. For having so many complaints, even the stores have stopped keeping them. People even experience problems with IKO shingles services. When the problems are reported to the IKO customer care, no response is obtained. Some responses which are obtained are in the favor of IKO shingles problems. So before you purchase an IKO shingle for your home, carefully analyze it very first.