Overview of IKO Asphalt Shingles

IKO asphalt shingles

iko-asphalt-shingles A brand new and a beautiful top for your residence can be an investment which will be considered as a very valuable one. People, who wish to install new roofs, always go for IKO asphalt shingles. Choosing the asphalt shingle supplier which is highly regarded is a very crucial decision. The best supplier can provide the best shingles and IKO is surely one of the most reputed one.

Types & Their Uses of IKO Asphalt Shingles:

While going through IKO, One can consider several options when it comes to IKO asphalt shingles. In the primary phase, the appropriate asphalt shingle is usually selected. The task of selection of actual shingles styles can be a very challenging one. Basically only two types of IKO asphalt shingles are available, but a wide variety of them are available to examine as well. A traditional 3 tab shingle or an architectural shingle can be purchased. A natural look is incorporated in the architectural shingles which is firmly thick. This style is very appropriate and can go with any house. Traditional 3 tab shingle is also a common choice amongst people.

Architectural shingles usually benefit the homes which have a sharp pitched roof. As they are laminated and have many levels, a lot of beauty can be added to your house. The house will be able to stand out from the rest and appear very exclusive. In addition to that, you can get decide on an asphalt architectural shingle. They make a pleasant difference as many houses use the 3 tab shingle more commonly.

Features of IKO Asphalt Shingles:

Iko roof shingles types four stage

Iko roof asphalt shingles types – four stage : 1) Eave Protection 2) Underlayment 3) Roof Starters 4) Ridge Cap Shingles


When the IKO asphalt shingles are being selected, the diverse selections with the item are also wished to be looked at. Several attributes are included and different guarantees are provided by different shingle producers. There are some shingles which come with algae safeguards. These are especially for houses which are prone to algae. A dark shingle is more preferable in this circumstance. This benefit as algae staining is hardly visible on a dark shingle.

There are numerous guarantees for different shingles. When the price difference between 3 tab shingles and traditional shingles is considered, the actual warranty is also taken into consideration. Getting an excellent warranty is beneficial and highly valuable. This gives an excellent resale price too when the house is transferred to second homeowners.

People may also want to consider the variety of colors available in IKO asphalt shingles. There are several colors to take into account. Choice of a color is the most difficult phase. Many people think that the color choosing phase is very easy, but they are wrong. People may want to connect the color with the architecture of the house and choose accordingly. A perfect match is wanted between the actual bricks and the shingles. A good idea would be to check the neighborhood for the IKO asphalt shingles. This would give you a brief concept and also enable you to make precise matches. Also the types of IKO asphalt shingles should be carefully analyzed before making a purchase.