Tamko Heritage Shingles Reviews: Tamko Heritage Vintage Roofing Shingles

tamko_heritage_series.1Tamko Heritage Vintage shingles are really exceptional as they can complement the architecture of your house with the inclusion of an outstanding fresh dimension to the roof. This category of Heritage shingle imitates the striking, natural aesthetics or look of wood. However, unlike the real wood, there is no vulnerability to fire.

You do not need to be worried about the cost, because through the Heritage Vintage shingle is very high in quality, it can be obtained at a very low cost. Your house will easily get an unmistakable appearance, which creates a very bold impression. It is not only the beauty of the building, which you can get from Tamko shingles but also the warranty, which may be very helpful for a particular period.


  • Weather-resistant capacity

As the advanced weather barrier is included directly onto your Tamko shingles, you do not need to be very concern about the condition of the shingles even during the harsh weather conditions. Most of the roofing contractors advise these kinds of shingles. Tamko makes use of the stronger adhesives in order to keep their shingles fastened together. In fact, each layer of the shingles is placed under the subsequent higher row, and so, the significant aspect of the fastening system of the shingle is the application of an adhesive band. That’s why, Tamko is conscious of the adhesive strip.

  • Unique design

Tamko Heritage Vintage shingles include a very exceptional design and construction, and for this reason, it is different from all the shingles of the Tamko Heritage series of roofing shingles. You will be able to change the appearance of your house and add some intensity to it.

  • Fire resistance

The materials that are graded Class 1 fire ranking are always desirable. And that is why; Heritage Vintage is made completely fire-resistant, in nature. The materials of the shingles are checked in order to see whether they are able to endure fire, which may come from some external origin.

  • Fiberglass mat

According to Tamko Heritage Vintage reviews, due to the presence of fiberglass mat, these shingles are heat-resistant. In addition to it, they are quite less expected to bend than any organic shingles. It does not matter even if you reside in some hot roof structures. In other words, they can last longer.

timberlinens-charcoal_lgApplication instructions

Apply the Heritage Vintage shingles just up to a ridge or hip from either faces of the roof prior to finishing the connection. To make the finishing easy, alter the some final courses in order that the capping will effectively wrap the top paths of shingles uniformly on all sides of the edge.

To use the capping, twist every shingle of Tamko along the main line so that this will expand an equal aloofness on all faces of the ridge. Besides, chalk lines can help in appropriate arrangement. In cold climate, heat up the shingle till it is flexible prior to bending. There are also some other instructions that you need to follow-

  • Patterns of fastening

Fasteners have to be put six inches from the upper border of the shingle that is placed in a horizontal way,

  • Nails

The manufacturer of the Heritage shingles suggests the utilization of nails in the best method. Standard kind of roofing nails must be applied. Nail shanks must be manufactured with at least twelve gauge wires.

  • Roof deck

Your roof deck should be flat, dry and also free from distorted areas. It is advised that edges of metal drip must be placed at rake and eve of the roof.


Heritage Vintage shingles are available in five colors-

  • Fossil grey
  • Chestnut
  • Red Wood
  • Weathered Wood
  • Charcoal

It is to be noted that some of these colors may not be found in particular areas. Besides, it is recommended by Tamko that you should view the installation of the actual product before the final selection so that you can get the full effect of the color combination and patterns. You dissatisfaction about the chosen color after the shingles are installed is not included under the facility of limited warranty.


  • Created with a two-layered fiberglass material for more strength
  • Have coat on either face with asphalt of weathering-grade
  • Consist of several ceramic mineral particles for the exceptional safety of your roofing project
  • Excellent not only for new structure but also for reroofing
  • 10-year warranty of remaining algae-free


  • Every color of Heritage Vintage is not available in all the zones.
  • Great care needs to be taken at the time of installation of shingles.
  • To some customers, the price seems to be very high
  • Many dealers do not have the stock of this Heritage Vintage shingle


17-1/2″ by 40

tamko heirtageWarranty

Shingles start to become worn slowly as soon as these are exposed to the natural elements. The houses experience all the aging factors in a different way, thus it is hard to calculate how long the roofing shingles may last. For this reason, Tamko offers Limited Warranty. While evaluating the warranties of the shingle, it is not the extent of your limited warranty, which matters most. Rather, it is the duration of full start period. You can get Full Start Period of 20 years- the significant period during which the roofing shingles and also the labor for installing them are included fully.

These Shingles are moreover covered by another warranty- Limited Wind Warranty, which works against harm from storm up to a particular wind velocity. This Warranty is relevant when the shingles were placed strictly according to the application directions.

There is also a warranty against the algae for one hundred twenty months. This also ensures that there will be no stain on the surface of the shingles. After the first twelve months, a Labor Payment Certificate can be obtained, and with the help of it, you can clean the shingles at a very reasonable cost. This is applicable for the last one hundred and eighteen months of the warranty.

Besides knowing all the above information, you should also read Tamko Heritage Vintage reviews provided by numerous customers in order to obtain the best at the right price.


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