TAMKO Shingles Review: Heritage Laminated Asphalt Shingles

tamko-_-_heritage-_-_black_walnut_(anc)_-_01Heritage Laminated Asphalt Shingles by Tamko has always been known for providing beauty and exceptional roofing protection. With their angular lines and striking cuts, these shingles provide a memorable impression at the same maintaining the longest up-front protection. However the best part is where the Shadowtone granules of these shingles provide a natural deep shadow, which looks nothing less than a real wood shake. Being available in a variety of colors, these Tamko shingles are a good choice for house owners who are looking forward to complementing and enhancing the architectural style of their homes.

Heritage shingles are easy to install and can be one of the positive point for the house owners. Though there is large variety of shingles that are available in this series itself but still heritage vintage shingles are the most common and highly favourable shingles amongst the customers.



  • They have a deep shadow line that gives a look of real wood-shake. As there are huge additional expenses associated with the wooden shingles, they are the best alternative to it for the house owners. They provide the wooden finish which most of the customers want for their home.
  • There are multiple colours for the house owners to make choice from. This variety in colours is an additional benefit for the customers as they get an option to match and choose the shingles according to their house. Also, different colours help the customers to create contrast and beautify their places.
  • These heritage laminated asphalt shingles are made by double layer fiberglass mat which provides it with the strength. This is the main component responsible for the strength and rigidity which allows the shingle to last long.
  • For roofing protection, the shingles are coated on both sides with weathering grade asphalt along with the drop of ceramic granules. Most of the other shingles come with only one coating of the asphalt but this heritage shingle comes with both sides coating which is an added advantage.
  • Since the asphalt that is used has self-sealing ability, it provides the wind resistance to greater extent. As there are lot of hurricanes in many areas and winds with high velocities blow, shingles are protected by the asphalt which bind together and gives rigidness to the roof. This prevents the wind from cutting through and protects the house by providing resistance.
  • Saw tooth Random-cut design prevents unattractive zipper patterns
  • These shingles have a well-defined and distinct nailing zone which ensures application accuracy.
  • These shingles help in enhancing the look of the home without any high and additional costs and also the costs that are associated with the maintenance and liabilities of the wood.
  • These shingle are thoroughly tested and are compliant with ASTME108/UL 790 (Class A Fire Resistance), ASTM D 7158 Class H (150 mph), ASTM D 3161, Type I, Class F (110 mph), UL 2390/ASTM D 6381 Class H (150 mph) and ASTM D 3462.


Some of the application instructions for this type of shingles are:

  • Roof Deck – These can be applied to roofs that are made up of plywood or sheathing boards capable of receiving fasteners and to inclines of not less than 2 in. per foot. Shingles should be applied with utter care and Tamko doesn’t hold any responsibility for leaks or defects.
  • Ventilation – Inadequate ventilation could lead to various consequences which can lead to moisture accumulation or excessive heat in summers. These conditions can lead to vapour condensation, buckling of shingles, rotting of wood members, and pre-mature failure of roofs. Ventilation system must include inlets and outlets. This can be done by combination of ridge and soft lit vents or by using gable end vents.
  • Fasteners – Fast winds can destroy the shingles if they are not properly sealed. This can be an issue if the shingles are applied during cooler months or to the areas of roof which don’t receive direct sunlight. This may result in impeding of the adhesive on the shingles. This can be due to prolonged colder months or blowing of dust. In these cases, shingles must be hand sealed so as to provide strength and protection to the roof. Tamko sealing cement or adhesives can be used on the shingles to seal them during these cases and hence enhancing the strength. A thin uniform layer of adhesives must be applied as excess of it can cause the asphalt to soften and lead to blistering of the shingles, it can also lead to dripping, flowing and straining. Correct placement of fasteners is important in the performance of the shingles. Fasteners must be placed 6 in. from the top edge of the shingle located horizontally.
  • Underlayment – It must be applied to the entire deck before the installation of the Tamko shingles.


Heritage Shingle Dimensions are as follows:

Shingle size: 36-3/8″ × 12″

Exposure: 5″


  • These types of laminated asphalt shingles have high wind resistance which help the roof to withstand huge wind power and also winds with variable velocities.
  • They are durable as they can are fastened by using specific instructions and TAMKO cement and adhesives are used for the fastening of the shingles to the roof.
  • They come with long warranties which depict the longevity of the shingles and thus they are reliable choice for the customer.
  • There are varieties of colours that are provided in the same shingle and also the material of which they are made. This is the basis for many customers in making decision.


  • TAMKO dealers are not easy to locate as there are only few of them. They are mainly confined to specific states like Dallas, Frederick and maybe couple more.
  • Many dealers don’t stock up the Heritage Laminated Asphalt Shingles which makes it difficult for the customers to make a choice. As the heritage shingles are not available on all the dealers, its availability are one of the issues.
  • These heritage shingles come up with the problem after 10-15 years of use as they start deforming and decolouring. This is the major disadvantage despite warranty being offered by TAMKO.




These laminated asphalt shingles are available in an array of colours, which are long-established favourites and that create more of a traditional feel and look. To top it all, America’s Natural Colors® put in a contemporary and fashionable flair with vibrant and dramatic hues. You can have your pick from the following available colours:

  • Rustic Slate
  • Virginia Slate
  • Autumn Brown
  • Glacier White
  • Rustic Redwood
  • Thunderstorm Grey
  • Oxford Grey
  • Shadow Grey
  • Painted Desert
  • Antique Slate
  • Rustic Evergreen
  • Forest Green
  • Driftwood
  • Aged Wood
  • Black Walnut
  • Slatetone Grey
  • Rustic Cedar
  • Harvest Gold
  • Rustic Black
  • Desert Sand
  • Natural Timber
  • Olde English Pewter
  • Rustic Hickroy
  • Mountain Slate
  • Weathered Wood


  • Limited Warranty For 30 Year
  • 15 Year Full start Warranty
  • Limited Transferability Warranty For 5 year
  • Limited 10-year warranty for Algae Cleaning and Algae Relief
  • Limited 15-year warranty against Wind speed of up to 130MPH

In warranty terms, Heritage Laminated Asphalt Shingles are far as compare to other brands as they provide with extensive warranties. Wind damage, algae damage etc. are the unique warranties that are provided. Also TAMKO allows for 5 years of transferability which is a relief for house owners if they plan to change the location. A major benefit for most consumers is 30 years of vast warranty which is one of the best in class.

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