TAMKO Shingles Review: Tamko Heritage Premium

06-heritage-premium---styleselectTamko Heritage Premium shingles are the most advanced varieties of shingles of all the Tamko products. The extensive options of color help you to create such a look that you actually want. The Classic Heritage color is really preferred by many homeowners, who are eager to have a conventional appearance of their house. Besides, America’s Natural Colors® offer a fashionable flair with remarkable and lively hues.

It is not only the color that has made Heritage Premium most popular but also the durable material that has made the product reliable. With the best up-front protection, Tamko shingles create the most beautiful yet strongest roofing structure for your house. There are special granules that are able to add some depth and richness.

heritage premium 2Features

  • No problem during the strong wind

Being one of the best varieties of Tamko shingles, Heritage Premium is able to resist the stormy wind as Tornado. The asphalt layer and the special technology with which the shingles are produced make the product enable in fighting against the harmful winds. Besides, the Heritage Premium has passed in the particular test that is done to verify the wind resistant capacity of the shingles. Thus, you never need to be concerned about the destruction of the roof during the storm.

  • No presence of algae

Algae are one of the most undesirable factors to the shingle owners. And that is why Heritage Premium tries to give utmost protection to the users by offering the exceptional warranty on the shingles. During the warranty period, you will not need to bother about the growth of algae. In addition to it, you can get rid of the problem of dark stains that are often seen on the roofing shingles. For these qualities, Tamko Heritage Premium Reviews have shown the positive feedback.

  • Make a fire-proof roof

Fire-resistance ability is also another feature that is always desired by the shingle owners. So, Tamko Heritage Premium has a string resistance quality to avoid tremendous fire. Thus, with these shingles, fire is not a problem to your roofing structure.

  • Double layers

The Heritage Premium shingles are comprised of two strata of fiberglass mat. Both the mat layers are covered with the material, asphalt. Then, these are laminated jointly and filled with some mineral grains. In addition to it, you can also locate the random-cut sawtooth model.

Moreover, the self-sealing stripe created with asphalt is also of excellent importance.

  • Wooden look

The main feature of Heritage Premium shingle is that it is able to create the dimensional and rustic look that is often found in any wooden product. But, you do not need to expend a huge amount that is necessary in case of the wood shakes. Besides, unlike wood there is no safety concern in these shingles.

heritage premium 1Application guides

  • Decking– Your shingles intended to be applied to the decks that consist of sheathing boards and plywood, which can receive and retain fasteners. The owners, who have the roofs with pitches of two inches, have to follow Low Slope Application. Shingles have to be applied in a proper way. The company will take no responsibility if there is any leakage or defect for the improper use.

If you make use of the sheathing boards, then you have to ensure that they are rightly seasoned. The normal width of these boards should not be more than six inches.

  • Hip fastening– Use the Heritage Premium shingles with a particular exposure opening at the base of the hip. Secure every shingle with online 1 fastener on either side.
  • Staples– While any staple is applied for the attaching method, you must follow a few instructions. Every staple is to be dealt with pneumatic type of staplers. Besides, the staple should meet the required dimensional limitations. The staples of galvanized wire have to be used. The size of the crown is to be 15/16 inches in width. The staple’s crown has to be placed in parallel way to the piece of the roofing shingles.
  • Nails– The right nails have to be used for proper application. The nail shanks should have the right length. When the thickness of the deck is not thick enough, the nail needs to be long enough.
  • Re-roofing– It is not suggested to place laminated asphalt roofing shingles over the current laminated shingles because of the roughness of the present multi-layered type of shingle.


5-5/8 inches


  • Easiness in installation
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Modern design boost up the look of your building
  • Long warranty period offered by the company


  • Tamko Heritage Premium shingle reviews have proved that there are some difficulties in the availability of the shingles in all the regions.
  • There intensity of color may differ to what the customers see on the website.
  • Heritage Premium shingles’ price seem to be little high to many customers.
  • The Asphalt shingles may be damaged while place at a temperature lower than freezing point.


The Heritage Premium shingles’ colors are of various types and blends. These are

  • Black Walnut
  • Natural Timber
  • Painted Desert
  • Rustic Hickory
  • Old English Pewter
  • Rustic Slate
  • Rustic Cedar
  • Rustic Black
  • Rustic Redwood
  • Rustic Evergreen
  • Thunderstorm Grey
  • Shadow Grey
  • Oxford Grey
  • Slatetone Grey
  • Virginia Slate
  • Glacier White
  • Autumn Brown
  • Painted Desert
  • Forest Green
  • Aged Wood
  • Harvest Gold
  • Weathered Wood
  • Mountain Slate


There is a Limited warranty of fifty years, and this Limited Warranty will be in effect since the date of purchase. This period of fifty years include Full Start warranty (20-year).  It also comprises Limited Transferability (5-year).  The warranty designed for Algae Relief-Algae cleaning covers only 10 years. As the owners are very concerned on damage, there is also a warranty to resist the high speed of wind, which blows at nearly 130 mph.

After and during the term of Full Start warranty, the level of replacement will be at the exclusive discretion of the brand. However, the company will not be liable for the charge of any resources except the alternate shingles.  It has the right to arrange for the Shingles that need to be renovated, changed or cleaned.

Thus, read the reviews of the Heritage Premium shingles and get ready to this excellent product.

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