TAMKO Shingles Review: Tamko Heritage Woodgate – One Of The Best Models Of Heritage Series

tamko heritage woodgateTamko Heritage Woodgate is one of the laminated asphalt roofing Shingles that can offer you years of outstanding beauty and superb roofing safety. In addition to it, they are also able to present the longest up-front safety available. This Heritage Woodgate is, in fact, a modish shingle that can give your home a classy wood-shake appearance. The broader cuts of all such shingles give a more natural look. The shingles include a superior shadow line just for strengthening the pastoral shake-like loveliness. The color balance is extremely pastoral looking. Now, your roofing service providers have more means to present all the attributes to the house owners — with the exclusive new designed Heritage® Woodgate™ Shingles.

Moreover, this Heritage Shingle includes double layers made of hard-wearing fiberglass mat to get more strength. Every layer is covered on either side with some weathering-grade asphalt. It is also covered with ceramic materials for exceptional roofing safeguard.


  • Fiberglass mat

The Tamko Heritage Woodgate shingles have fiberglass mat, and so, they last for many years. Due to these fibreglasses, these are best for the snowy areas. Its resilience is developed by good ventilation. For this reason, many architectural constructions in frosty areas like to make use of this kind of roofing on the houses. However, it is also better for the hot season.

  • Algae-resistant warranty

Regardless of how much amount you have invested on the new house and its roof, the ordinary shingles are likely to develop some horrible dark colored streaks within short time. However, Heritage Woodgate shingles are quite extraordinary algae-resistant shingles that can offer Algae Relief-Algae Cleaning Ltd. Warranty for ten years.

  • Wind resistant

The self-sealing band of asphalt makes the Heritage Woodgate shingles more wind resistant. They can resist the strongest winds like hurricanes or tornado. Thus, there is no risk of the penetration of the winds and also precipitation into the roofing material. With these shingles, our contractor will be able to create such a roof that may hold up the high loads of many other products.

  • Nailing facility 

The distinct parts for nailing help in assuring that there will be the best and the right application of the shingles on your roof.

  • Special design in increase the excellent look

Another important characteristic of the shingles is that there is a tab with wider-cut in addition to the totally random-based saw-tooth structure. And these features really add attractiveness and removes zipper models that are very common to all other types of laminated shingles.

  • Meet every customer’s expectation

Shingles, which are conformed to the ASTM D3462 during the manufacturing time, have a confirmed track record for performance, and can meet or go beyond any customer expectation. As the Heritage Woodgate of Tamko is in compliance with this ASTM D3462, such shingles are highly dependable. Though the properties of some shingles may alter as time goes on, as per Tamko Heritage Woodgate reviews, this ASTM D3462 compliant shingle is the best option to select.

03_Woodgate_RotatorApplication instruction

  • Wind Caution

Great velocities of the wind may damage the shingles just after application while the suitable sealing of those shingles is not there. It can be a difficulty when the shingles are used during cooler season or in parts on the roof, which do not get direct rays. Such conditions can obstruct the fastening of adhesive stripes on your shingles. To assure faster sealing, use four quarter-sized bits of SBS Flashing Cement. 

  • Ventilation

Improper aeration of attic areas can lead to the increase of dampness in winter season and the rise of heat during summer. Such conditions may cause some vapor concentration, clipping of shingles because of deck movement, decaying of wood, premature collapse of roof. So, the right ventilation is necessary. 

  • Staples

When staples are utilized in the fastening process you should know some directives for placement. Every staple should be determined with any pneumatic staplers. These staple should meet the minimum dimensional needs. They must be created from the least sixteen gauge galvanized chain. The top of these staple should be fully parallel to the piece of the shingle. 

  • Starter Course

It may be composed of TAMKO Shingle Starter. If self-sealing three-tab Tamko shingles are applied, you can take away the exposed part of tab and put in with the industry grade adhesive close to all eaves.


  • Difficult to locate in many locations that deal with Tamko
  • Some people are still concerned about the durability of the design


  • Unique look due to the wider cut design
  • Sophisticated wood-shake appearance
  • Exceptional color blend balances the spacious look
  • The shadow line creates another beautiful element to the roofing


Heritage Woodgate shingle is available with an exceptional color blend, which complements the extensive look and enables in more impressive distribution of color across the roofing shingle. The main six color choices that are available include-

  • Weathered Wood
  • Rustic Redwood
  • Cabin Wood Brown
  • Antique Wood
  • Cedar Wood
  • Black Sage

Dimensions of the Shingle

36-3/8″ by 12″

Heritage_WoodgateWarranties of the Tamko Shingle

The main warranties of Heritage Woodgate are-

  • Full Start warranty for fifteen years
  • Limited Transferability warranty for five years
  • Limited warranty for fifteen years against all damage from the storm up to nearly 130 mph

The Full Start Period indicates the early phase of the period during which the obligation of Tamko does not get prorated and comprises the practical charge of labor. Besides, there is Labor Payment Certificate, which signifies that the certificate distributed by TAMKO may be used to pay all or some of the reasonable rate of labor for renovation of roof, removing algae from roof, and substitution of any substandard Shingles in accordance with the Limited Warranty. Again, the owner should redeem his certificates within one year to avoid the expiration.

So, these are the major warranties presented by Tamko on Heritage Woodgate shingles. Tamko Heritage Woodgate reviews have revealed the popularity of Tamko shingles for the exclusive features and a number of warranties.

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