Why You Shouldn’t Worry Too Much About Photovoltaic Shingles Cost

Most home owners are worried about photovoltaic shingles cost but the reality is that they either do not have full information or are not motivated enough to install them in their new or existing home. The reality is that they need not worry too much about the cost for the simple reason that photovoltaic shingles cost pays back within a short period of time.

Solar shingles are the latest development in the photovoltaic panel technology to reach the renewable energy industry. Solar or photovoltaic shingle is just like a traditional shingle with the only difference that it has a layer of solar cells that capture sunlight to convert into energy. These can be installed just like ordinary shingles and does away with the big roof mounted solar panels. They function the same way as those big clunky boxes on the roof but look a whole lot better and blend well with the construction.

Photovoltaic Shingles CostA special thin film laminated over PV shingles makes them more durable than conventional solar panels that are usually protected with glass. PV shingles can withstand wind and rain at 80 mph and can be installed fully or partially on any traditional asphalt shingle roof.

This environment friendly source of electricity is suitable for new constructions as well as existing homes. Why you need not worry about the cost is that the money you save will more than cover the initial expense. The economics work this way. The photovoltaic shingles cost for most houses comes to around $10,000 to $15,000. A 2-kilowatt power system would cost around $15000 at the estimated cost of 0.75 dollar per watt. 1000 square feet roof area is required for 1 kilowatt. This extra cost means another $100 to the monthly installment of home loan.

Depending upon where your house is located you make large savings in your electricity bill. Savings vary from location to location because of the varying cost of electricity and length of sunlight hours. The way your house is built also makes a difference. Moreover, if you happen to live in one of the 39 states that allow grid-connected photovoltaic power systems, you can even ‘sell’ extra power to the power utility. If you are not consuming as much power as your system generates, the power utility uses that and gives you a credit for that. You may see your monthly energy bills dropping down to a couple dollars.

Photovoltaic Shingles Cost 2In addition another thing that you need to factor in while considering photovoltaic shingles cost is the 30% or $2000 tax rebate allowed under the Energy Policy Act of 2005 for having chosen environmental friendly renewable energy to power your house.

Having said that it must also be mentioned that your savings on photovoltaic shingles cost depend a lot upon where your house is located and utility prices. A home in Albuquerque, New Mexico gets a lot of sunshine throughout the year but saves less money  than, say, a house in Boston, Massachusetts even though it has less sunshine hours. The difference is due to utility price.

If you factor in all these while building your house, you will find that the photovoltaic shingles cost is not that much of a problem as it appears to be.